Thursday, October 7, 2010

When did it all get so stressful? I remember when it was a simple, I know its difficult now, but the transition period is what I blank out on. It’s as if one day I woke up and felt like the world was on my shoulders. Other lives depended on me, more people wanted me to succeed, but success gets farther away making it harder to reach. All of a sudden I can't categorize things because lines are being blurred too fast. Their are the good things when teachers start to look more like friends, and the secret that no matter how much of an adult you claim to be we're all just trying to figure life out as we go along. But the bad things are still there, when the mystery behind your superheroes is that they all made huge mistakes. When the smoke clears the world seems pretty dreadful at times, but I try to make it along. Now I'm just stressed between which colleges to go to, all depending on my financial aid. Money does rule the world, I hope that changes one day, but for now it seems to hold true.

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