Monday, October 4, 2010

So I figured I should probably post this when I'm "calm, cool, and collected" but that would defeat the whole purpose of why I am making this blog. Something I'm trying to change about myself is the constant need to be a procrastinator. It's not a good look for anyone, yet every time I want to go out I'm stuck in the same predicament. So moving on to this morning. I wake up at 10am since I didn't have to be at the place till 1pm but I somehow end up running late again. So I'm doing that awkward speed walking where you want to break out into full jog, but you know it would look awkward so you quickly shuffle down the street. Well while doing that I remember I have no change and end up having to go to Starbucks, buy whatever was there to get change back. Unfortunately the line drew me back some minutes so now I have to jog to the train station. Where I notice my boss has called me, so I call her back. Oh that's great I don't have to come in to work today. But what needs to be stated is that its not actually work. Its for the Red Cross that I'm volunteering at so I want to do the job. Who knew you have to get background checks, and take courses just to volunteer. Well know I'm frustrated with nothing to left to do.

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  1. I understand how background checks feel. I just had to get one for a job that I ended up quitting. Life is strange but (for me at least) God has his way of bring things back into prospective. I wish you the best. I love the sound of your writing, too, just so you know. I can hear you in my head.