Sunday, November 13, 2011

Glad I Came

It has been a while, I feel like anyways, since I have written anything in here. I have pretty much have had different friends as diary's, but that is not the same as having your life written down. I realize how much it actually helps, now that I haven't been doing it. I want to start doing this much more, school work is just crazy. Anyways, why don't we get to the point? Which is me, that just sounds so self-centered.
I have started my second semester in college, and when I think back on it I think happy thoughts, but as if I have not been living life to the fullest. I spend 85% of my time with my gay best friend which is just too ridiculous. I just can't seem to stop, I've actually have had dreams of him being my boyfriend. That scares me, I would not want that to happen really, theirs no way in hell it would work out, being honest with myself. As far as my best friend goes, if anyone can remember, the one that I basically fawn over to the point of pathetic, yeah that one, I'm going to go visit her for Thanksgiving break. Hope anyone that reads this is proud of me, I told her I was bi. Personal achievement, but now it's almost like I want to backtrack, but I know that would be stupid.