Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I decided to take a lazy day. After the things I had to do with the Red Cross and my own home life I felt it was well deserved. I had colleges calling, family calling, feeling like the world was chasing after me, but I needed my one day. When I look around at the life I have built, I'm proud of myself, but sometimes I need a day to realize my mistakes, and start fixing the mess. I wish I could actually meditate, or learn yoga so that I could find a different kind of peace. For know I stick with writing and rethinking all of life's possibilities. I might not be in love with my current situation, but I'm alive and young and still a little naive. I’ll ignore the jaded parts of me, close my eyes, and breathe. I wish that more people would do that. I haven't been so out of the world that I haven't noticed the news. All those kids that have killed themselves because they have felt bullied and misunderstood. I share in their pain, and we all do in a way, because everyone has felt or will feel broken. What is important to do, is step back, analyze, and readjust your life so that it fits the picture in your mind. I've been suicidal before, but I got out of it by moving on from tragedies. Remember to relax; it's a necessity to survive.

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