Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A picture from my road trip.

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  1. Sky, earth, road. Three distinct elements, which can be subdivided even farther. Sky with clouds. Earth with trees. Road with... lines? No. Cars. You can't see them in the picture, but it must have been taken by someone in a car. I enjoy pictures that make me consider the point of view of the photographer/artist.
    Sky, earth, road. Each of them always there, but never the same.
    The sky, with its clouds constantly coming into being, forming new shapes, and disappearing. Perpetually dynamic.
    The earth's trees will grow, then die. But more trees come from them. Birth, growth, death. Birth, growth, death. Birth, growth, death. If we mess up this planet we die. Would it then rebound, and another species dominate? Nothing lasts forever, only cycles.
    The road carries cars on and on and on, to another place with a different looking road. But the road is still there, just in a different form. Driveways become streets become highways become streets become driveways. Someplace new, yet similar.
    And then there's time. Out of the eternal sky, the earth forms, producing people who build the roads. Yet the picture doesn't show any person... but there must have been someone to take the picture. You. Again, what's invisible can be just as or more important than what's shown.
    Don't take me too seriously, I'm not a professional critic. I just have a mind that likes to makes connections and assign meaning.