Monday, May 16, 2011

Insides spilled across the Floor

Break me,
take me, and use me up.
Pick me up just to slam me into the ground.
I need to know that you still care,
I need to feel you wrapped around me.
Where is my home when you are not around me?
Please refuse to let me slip into the ghost of myself.
Bring me back to vivid colors and a world full of shapes.
Force me to see the sun when its still rainig.
Make me play in the dark, like I use to know to do so well.
See me for who I am,
because these walls are built too high to knock down.
Please, I beg you to put the effort in to save me.
I'm drowning, I'm chocking on my past, on the words I hold back.
Feel me move, let me remember the steps to your heart.
My heart beats in sync with others, don't let that change.
Fight for what is yours.
I can't let you down, I'm crying from the pain.
Do something.
Do anything.
Just don't forget me.

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