Monday, May 16, 2011

1 Goal Down

I would proudly like to announce that I completed one of my life goals. I have gone to a concert, it was not all that great. The mosh pit was not fun, or at all what I thought it would be. At first it was just swaying, but when people get violent, because they are drunk, the fun goes away. I re-read my last post, and some things I feel different about. For one, I know the time span does not seem like that much of a difference, but those of you who have can relate that weeks feel like months, and months feel like years. Things change and people grow into who they want to be.
But I have done something, that I regret in a way. My little trio was very close friends with a girl named Jay, but before their was a trio, last semester Jay and my gay friend got into a fight with her (not physical) because he felt she was "changing" for the worst, and Jay continued to ask him not to bring my roommatee along because Jay did not like her (immature). Anyways, personalities clashed and they were trying to move past it, but about a month ago I got into a verbal argument with Jay, with my gay friend present. He was upset at how she treated me, and I felt stupidly forced to tell him how she had warned me my first few weeks at school to be careful of him, because he drops friends. For him that was the last straw, and he talked with her and basically broke off their friendship, he has no plans to make mends, but Jay apologized to me by text, voicemail, and in person so I did forgive her, and I tried to fix her and my friend back together. At this point I had completely screwed it up, and felt horrible about it, because it is not like me to talk behind backs, I am usually a much more direct, tell it to your face kind of person. My gay friend has not told her what I had told him, because he does not want to force the ending of me and Jay's friendship.

On to more drama, I will summarize this. When I first arrived at college my gay friend was friends with a group of guys he lived with. My roommate was delusional friends with them, because they didn't like her, something she caught on to later on. Anyways their were 2 in particular my gay friend was close with that were dating these 2 girls. Point is both relationships went horribly wrong, with cheating and backstabbing. One girl and one guy were pretty much excluded, I had barely talked to them as it was, so was pretty unaffected, until the guy that was excluded started to be malicious towards people writing things on facebook about me. It all went badly, and it involved another guy that because of how many friends I had defending me, came to my room in the middle of the same night to apologize. Which reminds me, my "friend" Jay was completely backing me when this happened, but over break somehow became friends with the original malicious guy. Either way they are all transferring, so I hope for a better next semester.
These are the dramas and many more, but honestly when I think of the good times, and how well I mesh with my trio now, the drama is well worth it.
Oh college, what have we done?

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