Monday, May 16, 2011

Back to the Happy Things in Life

The trio and quarto, with my gay best friend's boyfriend, which I love, we have formed is amazing. We all mesh really well, and the way our personalities flow, surprises me. I cannot believe that we somehow found each other, and I honestly hope that we stay friends, with technology today I hope we will. Life has so many twists and turns, that it can make any one's head spin. With my best friend, I am do not think I am in love with her anymore, because I never know where we stand. She can be as cold as ice when she wants to be, if I say something that upsets her. To be honest, I know what upsets her and I should steer clear of those subjects, but I want to tell her how I feel about certain subjects. Its hard when you are in the predicament I am in. I just breathe and try to take everything slowly and day by day, seeing what is out their in the world for me.
This summer though, I won't be doing that. I am back in this small town in the middle of nowhere. I am looking forward going back to college, I am suppose to go back early to live with my roommate for two weeks so we can have relaxation time. Right now I love life.

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