Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can't we all just get along?

Can someone explain to me why my roommate is always in a fight with someone? I don't understand, it is like she needs to be arguing with someone over problems that she creates or else she has nothing to do with herself. Last night was fun according to everyone but her. She does not drink, ever, because she has a large amount of alcholics in her family. I respect her decision and have never forced her too drink, though I think she will by the end of college.
She is the type of person that wants to fit in, and if she slips away from a friend she will do anythig to get them back. But back to the point, our friend was drunk yesterday along with pretty much everyone else and he was just being loud, but no one seemed to care. Now she text him today about how "bad" he was acting and telling him who he needs to apologize too. By now you probably know that with most of the population this is a bad idea, telling them what to do. He text her back to stop getting in his business, she comes in and reads the text to me and gets mad because I agree with him, and goes to sleep. Once again another weekend drama, always surrounding my roommate.

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